The advantages and disadvantages of playing computer games

   Since early nineties,the computer has become very popular,with nearly every household starting to own one.Today,the computer has become a necessity to help in business,studies and so on. 
   Computer games are one of the main reasons why young children and teenagers alike are attracted to the computer.With modern technology available,computer games can also payed on the Internet with strangers from faraway countries. 

   However,the disadvantages of playing computer games seem to outweigh the advantages.Some people get hooked on to playing computer games so much so thatthey tend to lose interest in other more important things like studies.Computer games are one of the main factors why students neglect their studies.In addition to that,looking at the computer screens without resting the eyes for long periods of time,will spoil our eyesight.Computer games are actually a waste of time as players do not look like they gain anything from the many hours spent by pressing the buttons on the keyboard.Another problem is that the market is flooded with new and more sophisticated games and players are never able to satisfy themselves as each victory fuels another urge for a new challenge. 

   The advantages that are evident in playing computer games are that you will eventually know more about the computer software and hardware as each game will have its individual problem and this will have to be solved through knowing the use of the computer software and hardware.Playing computer games will also resut in the understanding of computer jargon which would otherwise confuse the mind of a non-player.One more advantage would be that our fingers will grow accustomed to pressing buttons on the keyboard as we gradually become better in our skills at the computer games. 

   I believe that everything should be done moderately and so should the playing of  computer games.If we know to manage our time,we will get the pleasures and benefits of playing computer games.